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Landscaping begins

Today is another big milestone for our house, the biggest since finishing the build. Our landscaping has begun and the job is a big one, including earthworks, retaining wall, fencing and gates, underground watering system, turn, hard standing surfaces and garden beds.

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Upgrading furniture

Since moving in, we’ve been progressively upgrading our furniture to fill our amazing new house. It turns out finishing the house wasn’t the finish line, instead it was really just the start of the next chapter.

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Custom mailbox

After settling into our new home, we’ve unboxed most things, added a great new couch (Cooper from Plush) and a few finishing touches here and there. One main addition is a new custom bricked mailbox.

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We have keys!! 

Yesterday we took possession of the keys to our new home !! Handover was completed in around 20 minutes.

Handover is Friday!

We’ve just been advised we are getting keys this Friday! Shit just got real. Time to seriously start planning our move. Its been hard up until this point as we didn’t have a confirmed date, now we do, its time to go.

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Certificate of Occupancy

Today we received our Certificate of Occupancy, one of the major milestones required to move into our new home. This comes on the back of council inspections last Wednesday.

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Build timelapse complete

Ok so I finally took down the timelapse camera. Was fully expecting it to be cut short due to the batteries running flat, but amazingly.. I got it, the whole build from site cut to finish. So, very very happy.

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Site Cleared, QA done, almost there

Its been a good couple of weeks with the external facade completed, the bin removed and the builder’s toilet removed. Last Wednesday afternoon we spent 2 hours detailing issues with finish in our QA meeting with our SM. Most of those have now been addressed.

We’re now very close to being in our house!!

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Oven is in and front downpipe

Yesterday the oven was installed and looks fantastic. The 900 width matches the 900mm cooktop and the combination of silver finish with the range hood above makes for a great combination.

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Garage door, toilets, range hood are in

This week progress slowed, as our SM negotiated multiple trades to come back.Externally we’re almost done with garage door and capping going on. Just need the porticos painted.

Our Roca The Gap toilets are in after a hickup where the inlet tap had to be moved from the side to the back which gives them a clean, modern, minimalist finish.

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Driveway, glass splashback and mirrors

Another day of big progress with our driveway framed out, mirrors, glass splashbacks and shower frames going in.

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Floorboards continue, tiling grout

One thing we’re both appreciating is the extra level of attention our trades are paying to our home. Without being asked, our floorboards guy decided to use a lower profile skirting around the island bench. It.looks fantastic and I love that they’re invested in the success of the house.

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Skorpio Wood Dining Table, the stuff dreams are made of

As we approach the end of our build, we’re considering furniture for the house. With a new couch from Plush locked away, we’ve started getting serious about dining tables. There’s one that stands above them all, not by a little, but night and day better than anything I’ve seen – the gorgeous Cattelan Italia Skorpio Wood Dining Table.

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Floorboards are going down

We knew it’d happen this week some time, but visiting site yesterday we were pleasantly surprised to see the floorboards going down and they look great!

The engineered timber laminate will flow from the front entry, through the kitchen, living and dining and down the hallway. Later this week, our capet will also go down.

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Tiling has started

Our concrete look, 600×600 porcelain tiles with rectified edge started being layed today.. they’re looking great.

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Sliders and cabinetry installed

Later in the pre-build phase we made the decision to upgrade some internal doors to make a feature of them. Today they were installed.

The entrance into the Office and the Rumpus were expanded to 1200mm wide which allowed the spaces to be open and flowing when open. Then slide them closed and the provide noise isolation.

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Internal electrical fitout

In the last couple of days the electrical has started going in. This includes the downlights, exhaust fans, smoke detectors etc.

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Stained doors feature

One of the very best decisions we made was to upgrade to stained doors. They’re recieving multiple coats and are close to finished and looks amazing.

There’s still a couple of 1200mm sliders for the office and rumpus to come and a 920 to the hallway that will also get the same stain with translucent glass panel.

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1st coat facade render complete

Yesterday the first coat of render was completed, giving our first real look at how our Vogue facade will look when finished.

There’s still another coat to go, but the house feels substantial and the scale dwarfs you. Im incredibly happy with how its coming together.

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Downpipes and cabinets

Yesterday was another solid day of progress.

Most of the downpipes are in and look great, theres still the ones on the laundry side and facade to go, but the facade ones cant be installed until the render is complete.

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Outside ready for render, cabinet install continues

Today we seen one of the largest amounts of progress in a single day since the build began. Given the stellar pace of the build to date, that says a lot. Bricks, eaves, cabinets and painting all progressing today. We seriously have the best Site Manager.

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Portico, kitchen cabinets and water proofing

Today the facade got one step closer to complete. The portico went up along with the wooden posts to support it and the extension over the bed 1 window.

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The bricks are done, ready for render

The bricks are done now, ready for the facade to be rendered.

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The build continues

Despite some unco-operative weather, our builders started work early and beat the rain yesterday, finishing the facade bricks above the garage and office.

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Bricks nearly done

Well its early Jan 17 now and Metricon don’t start back till the 9th (our SM the 10th), but the brickies are continuing to work. Continue reading “Bricks nearly done”

Looking at furniture

This year our house will be completed, hopefully before Easter. This means we need to start planning for furnishing our home. Over the Xmas break we visited a few furniture stores to give us a few ideas.

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Meeting with the Site Manager

There’s been plenty of progress over the last few weeks, since we first met our SM. Yesterday was meeting 2 and here’s some of the discussions.

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Roof is on, Windows are in

This week has been another big one for progress. We now have our Colourbond roof, solar hot water panels and whirly birds installed, as well as windows.

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Roof trusses are up

Brilliant work by the guys yesterday, monumental effort to get the roof on the day after the frame went up. They were on site from before 8:30AM and left at 7PM. I went back to site today to film the new roof with the drone. The shot from above looks like some kind of animal skeleton.

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Framed at sunset

Turns out by day’s end, we have a frame. What a couple of massive weeks of progress. We’ve gone from having an empty block 2 weeks ago to now having a 3D understanding of the spaces in our house.

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