Today is another big milestone for our house, the biggest since finishing the build. Our landscaping has begun and the job is a big one, including earthworks, retaining wall, fencing and gates, underground watering system, turn, hard standing surfaces and garden beds.

Given the scale of the job and the timeline we wanted to have things completed, we engaged the services of a landscaping company. Landscapability who does a number of the display homes around this and other new estates.

While the job doesn’t come cheap, we’re really hoping the final product will be worth it. The project is big with a timeline of around 3 weeks to complete (if the weather co-operates).

Most of today will be spent doing the earthworks and achieving our initial goal for the back yard, a large flat surface. In the future this will be great for the kids to play in, house a small shed or trampoline etc.

Like our house build, I can’t wait for the final outcome, but will enjoy watching the process.


The end of the first day of landscaping is complete. We now have a back yard that’s flat, around 10m from the back of the house to the retaining wall.

Can’t wait to walking out from the alfresco, on to the turf.