After settling into our new home, we’ve unboxed most things, added a great new couch (Cooper from Plush) and a few finishing touches here and there. One main addition is a new custom bricked mailbox.

When considering our needs for a mailbox, it was clear the trajectory our household (and many others) is away from letters and towards delivery of parcels. This meant we needed to create a mailbox that serviced that need.

As someone who regularly reviews products on techAU, I’ve often been left playing the delivery ticket game, where I have to travel to pickup a product that easily could have fit in a mailbox. That is now over.

After designing a custom mailbox in 3D Studio Max, I set about finding a parcel delivery slot that would be bricked-in and rendered. Thankfully I came across the Deliver-eze Brighton which does exactly what I needed.

On Saturday, our brick layer Ricky did a fantastic job of installing it (not easy with 3 pages of instructions). Next weekend, the renderer will finish the job and the protective plastic can be removed, revealling a nice silver finish. This will be complimented by a silver address plate to go on the feature element on the left.

The parcels are accessed by opening the back door. This is secured by a combination lock, making it easy to access even without keys.


Today our custom mailbox got the first coat of render. It’ll end up smooth and painted the same colour as our house render. Seriously happy with how its coming together.