We’ve just been advised we are getting keys this Friday! Shit just got real. Time to seriously start planning our move. Its been hard up until this point as we didn’t have a confirmed date, now we do, its time to go.

There’s certainly lots to organise, like getting out of our rental, hiring a moving truck, packing things up, updating addresses everywhere (there’s a lot) and setting up mail redirects for a good 12 months.

Oh yeah, there’s also the small issue of a mailbox, TV antenna, clothesline etc.

I’ve just called Plush to arrange the delivery of our new sectional lounge suite. That’s now scheduled for next Monday, the same day our FTTP NBN is due to be installed. I’ll spend all day on site to make sure I’m there to receive the goods.

The first post of this journey was done over 2 years ago.. Its finally happening.