Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


April 2017

We have keys!! 

Yesterday we took possession of the keys to our new home !! Handover was completed in around 20 minutes.


Handover is Friday!

We’ve just been advised we are getting keys this Friday! Shit just got real. Time to seriously start planning our move. Its been hard up until this point as we didn’t have a confirmed date, now we do, its time to go.

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Certificate of Occupancy

Today we received our Certificate of Occupancy, one of the major milestones required to move into our new home. This comes on the back of council inspections last Wednesday.

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Build timelapse complete

Ok so I finally took down the timelapse camera. Was fully expecting it to be cut short due to the batteries running flat, but amazingly.. I got it, the whole build from site cut to finish. So, very very happy.

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