Its been a good couple of weeks with the external facade completed, the bin removed and the builder’s toilet removed. Last Wednesday afternoon we spent 2 hours detailing issues with finish in our QA meeting with our SM. Most of those have now been addressed.

We’re now very close to being in our house!!

Today we got an update from our Site Manager.

The front window glass panel is getting replaced by the window company. We found this flexed considerably from the inside, so much so, it was dangerous if a kid every pushed on it. Must be a faulty panel.

The fly screen to get changed over. This is the fly screen for bed 1, it was the wrong size. Pretty simple fix.

Handle on the bi fold to go on. We’re getting the same style as the rest of our internal door handles. This will allow us to use one of the panels as a standard door, without needing to open the who bi-folds. We confirmed this will be a handle inside and out.

I asked if we could have black rubber seals to blend in without dark stain on the bi-folds. Apparently the answer is no, the rubber seals we have to use are the ones onsite, this is determined by the door makers.

Paint touch up getting finished off on Friday.
Cabinet alignments to be finished off.
Siliconing in wet areas has been done.
Render touch ups today.
Electrician final this week.
Council inspection today.

Here’s the big one.. the final House clean is scheduled for next Monday. This is much sooner than we were expecting which is fantastic. We don’t have a final handover date, but can’t expect it to be long after the final clean.

Here’s a photo of just some of the blue tape that was added during the Quality Assurance checks. We probably added around 100 throughout the whole house, but they were mainly paint and cleaning that needed to be addressed.

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