As we approach the end of our build, we’re considering furniture for the house. With a new couch from Plush locked away, we’ve started getting serious about dining tables. There’s one that stands above them all, not by a little, but night and day better than anything I’ve seen – the gorgeous Cattelan Italia Skorpio Wood Dining Table.

As you can guess from the brand, this is italian design at its finest and this weekend I got to see the table with my own eyes, making me even more in love and determined to find a way to afford this beautiful creature.

We visited the table is at Melbourne branch of Misura, details of which are here –

The table on display was elegantly positioned front and center as you entered the store, sparsely populated with select designer pieces, enough to make an Apple store feel crowded.

As you can imagine I’ve researched the table extensively and looked at dozens and dozens of photos of it, so to actually see it in the flesh was an absolute delight. This version was the mammoth  3m x 1.2m version with the 75mm heritage oak top that is substantial, robust and absolutely stunning.

The massive drawcard are those ridiculously well engineered geometric table legs. That’s what takes this table from regular, to exceptional. Personally I’d go for the black, rather than the graphite embossed. The price for the version on display is A$7,895.00.

Out dining space would accommodate the 2.4m x 1.2 version which is around $6.500.00. As much as I’d like to think we can afford that, we can’t, I just can’t justify that price. At half that, I could probably convince myself and my wife to stretch for what would be the last dining table we ever buy in our lives, matching our amazing first and only new home build.

In terms of uses for the table, naturally it’d be the place our family (future children) eat, do their homework, where we’d host friends and family.

The table would also serve as the ideal backdrop for taking photos during product reviews for, one of the largest independent technology websites in Australia. As I take galleries of photos and video of the phones, tablets, laptops, speakers etc, I need backdrops to those photos. Over the 10+ years the site’s been running this has typically been coffee tables, office desks or even outdoor settings, but ideally the Skorpio would serve as the ultimate backdrop.

I’d love the opportunity to work out a deal where exposure through the site would help Misura sell more tables than any discount for my purchase of the Skorpio Wood.


The attachment to this table is real, so much so I modeled it in 3D to see how it’d fit in our future home which is rapidly approaching completion. If all goes well, we’d be in something in the next month.