Later in the pre-build phase we made the decision to upgrade some internal doors to make a feature of them. Today they were installed.

The entrance into the Office and the Rumpus were expanded to 1200mm wide which allowed the spaces to be open and flowing when open. Then slide them closed and the provide noise isolation.

There’s also the slider into the hallway which is a 920mm wide slider and also will get the same stain as the bi-fold doors to the alfresco and the front door to look cohesive.

The enable privacy when closed, while still allowing light to flow through the house, we chose translucent glazing.

Our only regret at this stage is to not increase the width of the front door more, given its height it looks skinny, could have had a smaller window next to the door, surprised Studio never suggested this.

We upgraded from 820 (which would have looked ridiculous) to 920, probably should have gone 1020.

Cabinets complete
Today the cupboards and and shelving went in. The walk in robe for bed 1, the shelves for the linen cupboard and walk in linen, as well as the shelving in bed 2, 3 and 4. The cupboard doors (1 mirrored) also went on and look great. It would have been great to do both mirrored but this was an area we thought we could save when already running over the budget at Studio M.

Our internal doors also got handles, locks etc today. Pretty happy with the result and there’s also the extra piece of timber on the bed 1 doors. While the strip still has to be stained to match, it allows us a look at the finish product and we’re really happy with it.

Doorstops are also on and will definitely be one of the first things I run to Bunnings to replace. We looked at the price to upgrade to the square chrome doorstops at studio and they wanted $40-$45 each, instead of the $5.27 they should cost.


Good news… met the tiler after work today, our tiles start going down tomorrow morning. We’re told it’ll take 3-4 days, so maybe Monday finish (assuming some Sat work). Nice guy and confirmed with him we want 1.5mm (not 3mm) grout. With cement-look, 600×600 procelain rectified edges (floor to ceiling in Ensuite + Bathroom), we’re crossing our fingers it’ll look great.