Today we seen one of the largest amounts of progress in a single day since the build began. Given the stellar pace of the build to date, that says a lot. Bricks, eaves, cabinets and painting all progressing today. We seriously have the best Site Manager.

The bricks officially were complete on the 9th, but in reality, that was actually today. The brickies were back to brick the pier on the front portico as well as finishing the side wall. This now sets up the house to be rendered which we expect may start tomorrow and take a couple of days to complete. This will make one of the largest changes to the external visual appearance and street appeal and bring us closer to that vision of what our forever home would look like. Can’t wait to see it done.

Around the back its hard not to notice the eaves got plastered today, giving a much more finished look to the sides and rear of the house. Still need to be painted, but in the summer heat, the eaves are certainly doing their job in providing much needed shade to the walls of the house, decreasing the internal temperature.

Inside things are changing rapidly as well. The cabinet install progressed a lot today. Ever room of the house with cabinets now has some piece of the final product. The Ensuite, the Power room, the Kitchen, the Laundry, and the Bathroom.

Today was the first time we learnt what the final appearance of the back of the island bench will be. Its a glossy white surface in 2 large panels which looks great. We’d seen a number of different ways this is finished, some with many smaller panels, but nowhere on our drawings is this indicated, nor was it discussed at Studio, regardless, we’re happy.

The cabinets are now on the walls of the kitchen and butler’s pantry, along with the associated cupboards below, with appropriate spaces for appliances. The island bench cabinets are now assembled which will play host to a 20mm ceasarstone benchtop with waterfall ends. Another piece to this massive puzzle I can’t wait to see. The benchtops will also be in matching stone which is yet to arrive on site.

The laundry cabinets also got installed today and the burnished wood looks great. There’ll be 2 laundry drawers in these cabinets next to the broom cupboard, these will hopefully keep things tidy and avoid clothes bins / piles in rooms.

The only piece of the facade that is still to be installed is the timber battens at the top-right, these are currently on the floor of our main bedroom, stained to match our future front door and bi-folds.