This year our house will be completed, hopefully before Easter. This means we need to start planning for furnishing our home. Over the Xmas break we visited a few furniture stores to give us a few ideas.

The best so far is definitely the Chelsea at Focus on Furniture. This couch is comfortable with deep cushions that could be washed or even replaced if anything happened to damage them in the future.

There’s a range of materials, but we both agreed, the one in-store was a nice option to sit on our blonde floorboards between our white kitchen and and dark stained bi-fold doors.

We’re not sure about the chaise at this stage and may opt for 3 seats and thanks to the sectional design, we’re told this is possible. The helpful lady in store informs us they are custom built to order and take between 6 to 8 weeks to build. This means if we’re looking at a late March/early April move in date, we’d need to order around February for it to be ready in time.

I’ve got a spreadsheet that lists our post-build expenses like couches, clotheslines, TV antenna, kitchen table and chairs, outdoor table, artwork etc and we continue to save hard to ensure we have plenty of room for a retaining wall and fencing.