Its been some time since the last update, like the builder’s, I’ve been on a break. Just prior to the Christmas break, the bi-fold doors to the alfresco went in and look great, hopefully even better once stained. The brick layers also got started and completed 2 sides before the break.

We’re now officially locked out with the external doors locked and the front door and bed1 window boarded up. Metricon haven’t issued the lock-up invoice which is the largest stage of 25%, meaning we save on 3 weeks of interest over the break.


Here’s a shot of the bricks from the back corner, really happy with brick work, the alignment looks great, all in line and the colour blend is really well done.


Here’s a closeup of the bricks.


Another shot of the laundry entrance and Bed 2 windows.


A shot from the rear of the rumpus and Bed 4.


A shot from the alfresco into the rumpus. These windows will all be clear, they’re just covered in a protective coating during the build, while different builders use different companies, Metricon use Goop –