There’s been plenty of progress over the last few weeks, since we first met our SM. Yesterday was meeting 2 and here’s some of the discussions.

  • SM confirmed we can switch the Bed1 entry to Ensuite to carpet from tile with no cost
  • SM explained there has been some issue with the air conditioner and we are likely now going to be switched from the Bonaire Integra to a Braemar. I asked for specific model to compare features.
  • SM explained the cuts to slab in the garage is to encourage cracking along the lines, rather than random cracks.
  • SM confirmed the carpenters have to come back and install the frames for our bi-fold doors to alfresco before installers will install doors. As we have double glazed doors this has to be done on site.
  • SM explained there had been a mistake on the string layout which means the slab at the front of the garage wasn’t as planned. The frames were sitting half off the slab and their work around for this non-load bearing frame is a metal L bracket on either side of the garage. Once bricked, we won’t see it.