Today the site cut was done on our block and its fantastic to see some progress in the real world. For more than a year we’ve dealt a lot with ideas, concept and plans both electronic and on paper. Today that changed to now starting to get a true sense of scale of what we’re building.

Something i never expected from today was the weird feeling of having carved into the earth, that what we’re doing by installing our house on the planet, that we’re making our mark on the place.

To walk out on site after the site cut, we immediately mapped out where our future rooms would be and things quickly turned from theoretical, to reality.

Its a brilliant day and one I wanted to capture. Thankfully i have access to a drone that allows a view of our block (and the site cut) that otherwise wouldn’t be possible and something not many have.

This video is now one of the many accumulated assets that’ll help tell and retell the story of how our forever home came to be. If our kids, or their kids in the future want to reflect on this day, they can and that’s what technology and the internet is amazing.