It’s now 4 working days after paying out deposit to Metricon. Our Customer Support Coordinator at Metricon to see where we’re up to. The website only provides an email address for our Site Manager, which I emailed 2 days ago and haven’t heard back.

Our CSC informs me that our Site Manager starts holidays today. Great, haven’t even met the bloke yet, clearly feels invested in the job. Apparently a stand in will pickup the job while he’s off, not sure how long the leave is.

Update: Turns out he’s off getting married, so fair call.

I again asked about a start date for our build and given our CSC is pre-construction, she can’t give us a date and that can only come from people at Metricon on the construction side. What is one company, suddenly feels like 2 separate ones.

I’ve been informed I’ll get a call from ‘Julie’ who until this call, I had never heard of and is not referenced on our Metricon build website. Apparently she’ll be our contact during the construction phase (we thought it was the Site Manager).

I’m led to believe that items for our build are being ordered, but we have zero visibility of the progress of that and from our end, it feels like 4 days (or this week) has disappeared without any progress. Meanwhile other builders on our street have frames up, roof on and windows in.

We thought titles were the big milestone, then we thought the building certificate was, then the deposit, but none of these green lights seem to matter.

This is not the start we hoped for. Christmas is coming.