This morning I learned a key milestone for the build is not found on our Metricon website. The Production Team are still working on our Site File which somehow contains the engineering details, the full product list, purchase order etc. This needs to be complete before the Building Manager can order or site cut.

Until our site file is complete, the Site Manager can’t meet with us, or visit the site or order the site scrape. While our build support coordinator was unable to detail when the site file would be completed, I subsequently received an call from her manager.

Fortunately she was able to provide the critical dates we were looking for. The Product Team has said the Site File will be completed this afternoon.

From there it gets physically mailed to the Site Manager who reviews it and will then call us. We expect that Tuesday next week. He has already been in discussion with the excavation contractor for a timeframe and nominally, that’ll happy Wednesday or Friday next week.