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November 2016

Roof trusses are up

Brilliant work by the guys yesterday, monumental effort to get the roof on the day after the frame went up. They were on site from before 8:30AM and left at 7PM. I went back to site today to film the new roof with the drone. The shot from above looks like some kind of animal skeleton.

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Framed at sunset

Turns out by day’s end, we have a frame. What a couple of massive weeks of progress. We’ve gone from having an empty block 2 weeks ago to now having a 3D understanding of the spaces in our house.

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More site deliveries, Fascia is here

Not much happened on site yesterday, with the exception of another delivery. The fascia and metal supports for our Monument coloured, Colourbond roof.

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Frames delivered to site

Things are happening fast. After the slab went down yesterday, 24 hours later, we now have frames delivered to site. The construction of them will start tomorrow and run through Monday.

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Site fencing now up

Securing the site during the build is important given the window we have until lockup. While it’ll never be Fort Knox, site fencing clearly indicates to the world ‘stay out’.

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Slab preparation

Our slab preparation is now complete and we’re scheduled to have the slab poured next Tuesday. It’s not often you get the opportunity to see the property from above, in fact, many people never do until Google Earth satellites capture it once every few years. With access to a drone, I put it to good use.

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Slab preparation, waffle pods are here

Yesterday the structural preparations for the slab began. Black plastic now covers our patch of dirt. Trenches around the foundations now lies steel rebar, in readiness for the slab pour.

There’s lots of wooden boards bordering the slab area, ready to frame out for the cement pour, along with plenty of mesh for the slab along with plastic stands to elevate the steel.

Late last night we received a tip that a truck had delivered something to our block (it’s handy having friends around the corner). Naturally we took a drive to site (my second for the day) and found a small house of styrofoam which will be used for our slab which is known as a ‘waffle-pod’ slab.

We’re meeting our Site Manager at 1pm today, if everything goes well we’ll either be slabbed today or Monday.

Amazing progress this week.

Plumbing, electric and more

Today we’ve had great progress on the block. weve had the pipework and plumbing installed, which we were expecting, but plenty of bonuses we weren’t.

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Set out complete

After having the site cut done, the next day out site was set out. Not being a builder, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and what it was really for, so I educated myself and fired up YouTube.

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Our site is cut, construction underway

Today the site cut was done on our block and its fantastic to see some progress in the real world. For more than a year we’ve dealt a lot with ideas, concept and plans both electronic and on paper. Today that changed to now starting to get a true sense of scale of what we’re building.

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Our site is finally being cut!

After a very long time waiting for land, today we mark a major milestone on our build with the site cut happening.

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Meeting the Site Manager, start date next Monday

Today we did the meet and greet with the Site Manager. Well, not exactly. Our actual Site Manager for the build will be back from leave next Monday, so we met with his boss. One of the big news stories out of the meeting was an actual start date.

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Waiting for our Site file

This morning I learned a key milestone for the build is not found on our Metricon website. The Production Team are still working on our Site File which somehow contains the engineering details, the full product list, purchase order etc. This needs to be complete before the Building Manager can order or site cut.

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Why aren’t we building yet ?

It’s now 4 working days after paying out deposit to Metricon. Our Customer Support Coordinator at Metricon to see where we’re up to. The website only provides an email address for our Site Manager, which I emailed 2 days ago and haven’t heard back.

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