Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


October 2016

Metricon deposit paid, lets get building

Today we paid the balance of our deposit to Metricon. This payment, along with more signatures is the final step required for the build to commence.

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Building permit is approved

Late today we received confirmation and a copy of the build certificate from Wodonga Council. This was one of the much needed milestones to getting our build underway.

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More autographs for the build loan

Yesterday we met with the bank again to sign for the next stage of our loan, the build loan. While we already have a loan for the land, that’ll essentially be rolled into a new home loan package where we have the full amount for the build.

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We own the land !!

This morning at 11:20am I received a call from our conveyancer to advise us that the land settlement had successfully taken place. This means we’re officially now land owners !

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We have a date !

Today we finally received a date for our land settlement. Wednesday 19th October, 2016. Its been a long time coming, but is finally here.

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