After soil tests were complete, we’ve been waiting for our land titles to arrive and finally this fortnight, we’ve had some good progress.

Last Tuesday (20th September) we were notified by the developer that titles were being issued by the land and titles office of Victoria. On Monday this week, our solicitor informed us he had received the titles and tomorrow we’ll sign land contracts.

The trajectory from here is a meeting with the bank on Friday and will prepare for our mortgage and provide instruction to the solicitor to settle. He negotiates / confirms settlement date which based on experience he tells us should be around 2 weeks.

After settlement takes place (again another process out of our control) we own the land and the mortgage starts, the builder (Metricon) can then order the building permit from the council which is expected to take another week.

It seems the excitement around titles arriving was fleeting with the reality that we’re in for at least another 3 weeks of waiting sets in. It’s a little bitter sweet and I’m quickly realising the rollercoaster of emotions we’ve been through this far are just getting started and a single brick is yet to be laid.

The best case scenario is that by the 3rd week of October we’d be close to our build start date. Pretty crazy considering the original plan was February for titles. On a positive note, this has allowed us to continue to save at an unprecedented rate. As we approach the end of that spectacular savings run, we realise we will never be in this position again, dual income and no kids, so I’m incredibly proud we took this opportunity to save our butts off and got the deposit tucked away, a much bigger deposit than we originally planned.

It is kind of great to have a real property now, recognised on the LandData website and interactive maps. The Lot now officially becomes a street number and our future address has becomes a reality.