This week we got told Metricon no longer offer tile wastes. After seeing many bathroom photos from their display homes, on the Block etc, I was pretty keen to have this look, as its more modern, cleaner finish and a higher-end appearance than standard offerings.

So I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it was this post, or a post on the popular HomeOne forum, but we’ve had a big win. Metricon have come to the party and worked out a way to offer us tiled wastes. They’re not cheap, for what essentially is a fancy drain cover, but given it has to be built into the slab, this is definitely something we can never change later. To say I’m happy about being able to include this option would be an understatement, the finish on our large ensuite and big bathroom shower will be significantly upgraded by this option.


Here’s the original response from Metricon,

“I wanted to note that with the tile waste drains, unfortunately we don’t do this as a special drain needs to be installed with the slab, which Metricon doesn’t do.”

“I am sorry but unfortunately we don’t offer it anymore because of the installation of it etc.

I did put it to management but they said no we don’t offer/install it anymore. It is confusing when you compare it to the display home below, but when that was built I can’t tell you, but from this point forward management have stated that we don’t do this anymore.”

It’s disappointing as this is one element, probably the first item that can’t be changed later, that we’ll have to live with. Instead, we’ll have the regular chrome wastes.