Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


September 2016

Officially Hume customers

This week, we officially became customers of Hume Bank. After researching fairly extensively, Hume offered the best packages that suited our needs.

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Titles are in, still we wait

After soil tests were complete, we’ve been waiting for our land titles to arrive and finally this fortnight, we’ve had some good progress.

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Our street has lights

One of the very visual signs things are getting closer is the fact our street lighting is now on.

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Metricon don’t do tiled wastes (updated)

This week we got told Metricon no longer offer tile wastes. After seeing many bathroom photos from their display homes, on the Block etc, I was pretty keen to have this look, as its more modern, cleaner finish and a higher-end appearance than standard offerings.

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