Most days I check the website for our estate, at times to see how sales are going, but lately because we’ve been waiting for soil test results. The developers had their tests taken a few weeks ago and Metricon a couple, well today they’ve been published.

Our Lot has received M-D classification which means the site is Moderately reactive. From what I can remember, we were expecting a M/M-D classification which determines the engineering of the slab.

According to, our site is the 3rd classification out of 8 possible levels of movement, so it definitely could be a lot worse. The site details our classification as:

Moderately reactive clay or silt sites.
May experience moderate ground movement as a result of soil conditions and moisture changes.

From here Metricon should have everything they need to complete the final engineering prep, before we sign final contracts.. the only hold up is titles, which we’re now in the 4th week of waiting for after being told 2-3 weeks.

We’re about to be in September.