Today I received a phone call to confirm our stage has received its certificate of compliance today. This was achieved after a soil test was successfully performed today after a few consecutive days of sun dried the land enough for the equipment to get on-site.

An application for our land titles has now been sent off to the land and titles office and the expectation is that they’ll take 2-3 weeks for approval.

This puts the focus back on Metricon to get their soil tests and engineering done. I wrote to Metricon shortly after the phone call and suggested they too should take advantage of the small window of dry weather to get the soil samples done.

Much to their credit, late on a Friday afternoon, they replied..

I have put the request in to our engineers to go out and do the soil test so I am hoping I will have that back in the coming days, I will forward a copy across when I receive it.

When titles come in we will be able to get the ball rolling this end and start applying for the council information then when the land is settled into your name which usually takes place 14 days after titles are issued, is when I can apply for water/sewer connections and building permit

Today was a great day and somewhat unexpected after the recent downpours we’ve had. It looks like we’re on track for a September start date. When in September is yet to be determined. After waiting this long, a couple more weeks won’t kill us, but after learning the land is done, having the pre-approval approved at the bank, things are certainly getting closer and that’s something to be excited about.