Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


August 2016

Soil tests are in

Most days I check the website for our estate, at times to see how sales are going, but lately because we’ve been waiting for soil test results. The developers had their tests taken a few weeks ago and Metricon a couple, well today they’ve been published.

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Nature strip landscaping

As part of completing the land as it headed off to titles, the developers have added a tree to our nature strip. From our front bedroom, we’ll look out to it, so we’re hoping its a pretty nice variety.

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We’re off to titles!!

Today I received a phone call to confirm our stage has received its certificate of compliance today. This was achieved after a soil test was successfully performed today after a few consecutive days of sun dried the land enough for the equipment to get on-site.

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Home loan pre-approval approved!

Today we got the good news that we’ve successfully received pre-approval for our home loan from the bank.

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