This Winter has been one of the wettest in memory and its resulting in delays in our land going to the titles office.

As you can see from this chart from, the rainfall for the months of May and June are well in excess of the average monthly rainfalls. As we’re in the last days of July, we don’t have that data, but a similar trend will be shown.



For the land to go to titles, soil tests need to be performed. With the ground so wet, the equipment to bore into the earth and measure the soil quality, can’t be achieved. We’re also told there’s some work on the nature strips and some final leveling of some blocks in our stage that needs to occur before we go to titles.

As frustrating as that is, its nobody’s fault, its just simply out of our control. The good news is we’ll receive a call a call when the application is made to the titles office, so we can inform Metricon to prepare a build date and have them on site as soon as possible.

I was also asked to send through a plan for how the house would be located on the block so they can plan the landscaping of the nature strip around it. It featured the driveway that’ll extend straight from the garage to the street.

Side note, the street sign still needs to be relocated to be in line with the boundary fence and avoid interference with out driveway (and people reversing). We negotiated this almost a year ago when I spotted the issue on the plan, but when it was installed, it was placed incorrectly.


I also enquired with Metricon how they went with soil tests specific to our block to establish the slab rating. Given a few weeks have gone by, I was hopeful we’d have the results back by now, but the same soil test issues with equipment apply given the wet weather.

Basically it really needs to stop raining.

This means it’ll now be September, another delay from the mid to late August we’d be told last.