You can watch the days of a calendar tick over, but its real-world things that really remind you that your home build is getting closer. Yesterday the Metricon sign went up on the block, following the estate sign earlier in the week.

We had a lot of rain this week, helping it to make for one of the wettest Winter’s in many years. The rain now hopefully means that come the start of the built, the wet weather will be behind us and we can have a largely dry run as the build happens.

As you can imagine, we’re not the only ones in this stage of the estate to be building with Metricon, from the wife’s count, there’s at least 2 others that also received signs. As we’re all waiting for titles to arrive, we’re certainly hoping to be at the top of the cue, especially how long we’ve waited for this.

In terms of the realistic start date for the site scrape, its hard to say. Best case we get titles mid-August, worst case, late-August. We’re trying to make sure that whatever the date, that we’re never the hold up and next weekend we meet with the bank for pre-approval, then approval on the loan to buy the land and pay the remainder of the 5% Metricon deposit to get things rolling.