This morning we received an update on our timeline to build and there’s some exciting news.

Its been just over a year now since we got serious about building our home and something potential home owners aren’t told enough is that this takes a long time. You’ll read some crazy numbers like 12 week builds, but in reality, building a house is so complex, has so many dependencies, that you really should prepare for a marathon, not a sprint.

With the land development done, we’ve today had it confirmed that Stage 10 (our stage) has already passed a number of approval steps.

North East Water, NBN and Wodonga City Council approval have all been achieved. The one outstanding is electricity – SP AusNet which need to do the final and sign off on the certificate of compliance and then we can go to titles.

The estimated timeframe for this is 6 – 8 weeks. While that’s still ahead of our previous September timeframe, it does make you wonder what takes them so long.


Visiting the block on the weekend, I found out block markers have returned (pegs with pink ties). There is however still the issue of the street sign which we’ve been able to negotiate to have moved to the boundary (about 1m to the left) so it doesn’t impact our driveway.


Approaching the build, we also need to consider furniture upgrades, so this weekend, we engaged in some window shopping, it’s always nice to dream.. just wish our tastes weren’t so expensive 🙂