Today’s visit the block revealed an important addition to our street. We now have street lights and that answers the long running question of their location. After scouring the engineering plans for our stage, we couldn’t find any indication for the placement of these lights.

In the best case scenario, they’d light our house enough to help with security, but not so much we have light pollution flooding out main bedroom window.

We had so little information that we didn’t know which side of the street they’d be on, well, now that’s been answered, the opposite side of the road. This is great as we don’t have a massive light pole obscuring our view out and the view of our façade.


The lights themselves are pretty plain, which I’ll choose to describe as restrained design. Compared to fancy lights in other estates around the town, they look ok, but that said, the fancy style found elsewhere also come off as an older design, wouldn’t really fit with our modern feeling.

Despite the recent downpour of rain, the earthworks are still proceeding which is great as it can’t be nice to work in, but hey the show must go on. The blocks on our side of the road, leading up to our block have now been flattened, which hopefully means we’re next.

We’re keen to see how the incline in our block is resolved, if they’ll install a small retaining wall in the back right-hand corner. We were sold on large flat blocks, so we’re really hoping that’s the case.


While we have a footpath, there’s still a far bit of work to complete in a relatively short amount of time. We’re told things are on track for completion by the end of May (it’s the 12th today), however that may fall a 1-2 weeks if weather doesn’t co-operate. From there the block will sit empty while the titles process happens and a conservative estimate puts us in September for a build start date.