Last year we signed the contract with Metricon. By then we’d gone back and forward on a number of customisations to make the Fortitude into our dream home. With the wait for the land, we’ve had more time to think and with this being our first build along with our last build, we want to make sure its right the first time around.

Since signing we’ve had a couple of variations and this week we submitted our final list for pricing. From that list of around 25 items, there were major structural adjustments like adding eaves to the sunny sides of the house, something that can’t be changed afterwards.

There were also things like internal door upgrades and recessing the bi-fold doors into the slab to make a smooth (no trip hazard) exit to the alfresco. There’s also things like adding a couple more double blinds where we had singles before to help with light and heat. The changes also include some less crucial mods, but presented with a chance to get the right items put in from the start vs replacing them later, obviously it makes sense to get them done once, get them done right. Given the number of items, the cost may mean we have to toss some if the price isn’t right.

With the final submitted, we expect pricing to come back in the next week or so, then we can sign off on a variation and we’ll be set for the build.