Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


April 2016

Deposit saved!

Today we reached what feels like a major milestone, our deposit is saved! After deciding to save for a deposit around May 2015, less than a year later (around 11 months), we have just passed our target number.

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Final changes submitted

Last year we signed the contract with Metricon. By then we’d gone back and forward on a number of customisations to make the Fortitude into our dream home. With the wait for the land, we’ve had more time to think and with this being our first build along with our last build, we want to make sure its right the first time around.

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Work resumes on subdivision

It seems the sub developers took a few weeks off over Easter as nothing had happened at the block for some time. Obviously we’re keen to get to titles, then build start, so this delay wasn’t great, but after talking to our contact for the land, he assures us, they still expect May completion.

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