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February 2016

Road base down

While we wait for progress on our block (there still hasn’t really been much), we have to look to the development around our block. Our street recently got gutters and now this week the road base went down.

It won’t be long now till the asphalt is put down and we have a real street. I guess its not really official until the street signs go in, but as long as we can drive down it, I’ll be happy.

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We have gutters

A key part of the construction of a subdivision is obviously the road that runs past out house. Today that road had gutters added.

Currently the road height is still substantially lower than the gutter, but I’m sure in the days and weeks ahead that’ll be addressed. Talking to friends in the previous stage of the estate, the road surface should go down in the next couple of weeks.

The gutters are certainly a lot more curved at the intersection that I had envisaged in the 3D renderings I’d done. This is good, it’ll make the entry into our driveway much easier thanks to a less acute angle.

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