The subdivision is progressing quickly and in the last couple of days, there’s been the first movement on creating our street. This of course is the first step in us being able to map out our block.

After months of waiting, it is fantasticly refreshing to see progress happen so rapidly. While most of the major work in the past two weeks has happened at the opposite end of Stage 10 of the estate, its now working its way up to where our block is.

There’s some infrastructure already in the ground, pipes and stuff, much of which I’d put down to storm water, although I’m no engineer.

Today the Samsung Gear VR turned up, ordered from Amazon and shipped via Australia Posts’ ShopMate service, it now allows me (and others) to pop on the headset and look at content shot out at the estate.


I look forward to the day when we have kids and growing up in our house and we can show them these formative stages of how our home was developed.

To create VR experiences its super simple, thanks to the recently released, Google Cardboard Camera app. Just fire up the app, hold the phone in portrait mode and turn a full 360 degrees. It does a great job at stitching the content together and creating the panorama. In VR mode, it feels like being there, with your head movements moving the positon of the image  to let you feel like you’re standing our there and looking around in person.

Here’s a few more shots of the subdevelopment.