After months of waiting, there’s now plenty of movement on the subdevelopment containing our lot.

Visiting the site today, the progress was definitely surprising. A few days ago, there was just a couple of excavators, but now there’s serious infrastructure being installed, a lot of which I have no idea how to describe.

Perhaps even more surprising is the amount of land that has been levelled already. Our block has a significant rise as it stands right now, but as we were sold on a flat block, it’ll need to be flattened.

The location of our block on a map is easy, but to place it in the physical space is pretty difficult right now as there needs to be connecting roads for us to really understand where the boundaries lie.

If the progress this week is anything to go by, the earthworks in the subdevelopment will progress quickly. Will be great to watch, as well as our friends place getting built in a previous stage, just a couple of streets away.

Once there place is built, it’d be great to get a timelapse camera on there roof to watch ours rise from the ground.

It is worth noting that Christmas isn’t far away, so while the excitement is high around the recent progress, we’re abundantly aware there will be a pause over the xmas/new years period.

Stage 10 is under way and that’s fantastic.