For some reason I noticed the windows in our rental last night. It made me think about what our windows will look like when all said and done. I thought about the typical framed window and questioned “is there a more modern solution?”

The answer is of course yes. Like square set ceilings, windows can also be frameless, with a clean finish where the intersecting piece of plasterboard meet. Clearly this is more work, but has less material given the elimination of the frames.

I created a mockup of the difference in 3D Studio Max to help explain this and have posted the question to our builder, Metricon, via our personalised website.

Will wait and see if there’s a significant cost associated with doing this, but generally I think this will give the house a seriously more modern feel. It’ll also allow the blinds to be tucked away nicely inside.


Metricon have got back to me about this.. they say the window style is something decided at Studio M, looking online, I found Studio M actually has exactly the window style I was asking about.

Windows at studio Metricon