This week we signed the land contracts and secured the 5% discount on the land. To round out the week, w also received a parcel, Metricon’s Studio M selections pack.

After locking down the big structural decisions, our focus is turning to the smaller details and there’s lots of them.

  • Bricks colour and mortar style
  • Roof colour (colourbond)
  • Wall colour
  • Flooring colour (Timber laminate)
  • Carpet (Bedrooms and office)
  • Cabinetry
  • Bath, Toilet, Sinks
  • Doors (external and internal) and door handles
  • And many, many more.

The Studio M pack is provided to introduce us to the suppliers so we can continue to research and consider our selections. We’ll have plenty of time to make these choices, before being invited to the Studio M center in Shepparton to lock everything in. The challenge will be sticking to our budget for selections and lighting, we have $5,000 to spend on each.

By the time we spend money on the NBN connection and downlights, the electrical will disappear. Square, modern is definitely the style I’m leaning towards for the handles, clean lines and minimal wherever possible.

Will also use this time to consider curtains and blinds. Right now we’re leaning toward dual blind system, one to get privacy, the other to block out light.

It’s only when you go through this process you understand just how many choices there are and the challenge will be making a set of selections that come together into a cohesive style that we’re both happy with and doesn’t break the bank. At the end of the day, these decisions are big as they will impact the feeling of the house, but most are changeable later, whereas the structural decisions aren’t.

Exciting times ahead.