The building process has dozens of steps which involves lots of different people and spans many months. To effectively communicate the build progress, Metricon provide people with a custom website for their new home. Today, we got access to ours.

The site features areas like progress, finance, schedules, documents, toolbox and your profile. Right now, ours is pretty empty, but as the house develops over the coming months, this site will be our go-to-place for updates and of course we’ll still have contact to personnel when needed

The site supervisor will call us each week to update us on progress. It’ll be interesting to see which is the fastest way to get updates.

I wasn’t expecting our website this early, but after signing and initialing documents on the weekend, the engineering team is starting to review our changes, so in a sense, the process has absolutely started.

Our other question right now is land and with Stage 9 of the estate completely subdivided, we’re trying to nail down dates of when our Stage 10 subdivision would likely commence. Paired with that is how long it’s expected to take. We’ll know more on this by the end of the week.