Metricon Fortitude 32

Jason & Simone build a home


July 2015

Land is ours.. And now we wait

Yesterday we received confirmation that land contracts had been exchanged successfully and within the required timeframe. This timeline was important, as it secures the 5% discount on land, something that’s pretty common for quick settlement. Continue reading “Land is ours.. And now we wait”


3D House Model progress

Time for an update with the 3D modelling of the house. Tonight I worked on adding internal furniture, refined internal walls, added sliding doors that we optioned to the rumpus and hall. I also modelled the bathrooms, adding toilets, towel rails and basins, along with embedding the under-bench sinks in the island bench.

Continue reading “3D House Model progress”

Studio M selections pack

This week we signed the land contracts and secured the 5% discount on the land. To round out the week, w also received a parcel, Metricon’s Studio M selections pack.

Continue reading “Studio M selections pack”

Metricon build website

The building process has dozens of steps which involves lots of different people and spans many months. To effectively communicate the build progress, Metricon provide people with a custom website for their new home. Today, we got access to ours.

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