One of the biggest benefits of building in a new estate is that you get FTTP NBN. While the project has been through a few iterations, what has remained is the requirement for developers to roll out fibre to the home in new (greenfield) estates.


You certainly shouldn’t have to move home to get the NBN, but in an effort to keep costs down and speed up the construction, the locations covered by FTTP got shrunk, considerably.

Today we received confirmation that the land sale has been sent from the real estate to the solicitors. Attached to that notification was information about the NBN.

The key information here refers to the provisions we need to make to support an NBN connection. Unlike an existing property, we don’t have to worry about them digging up our garden to get connected, but we do still have to think through the location of the setup.

The NBN isn’t just the router connecting to the phone point like ADSL. The PCD is the Premises Connection Device that sits on the external wall, outside your home. The NTD is the Network Termination Device which is the internal connection point which is flanked by a PS/B or a Power Supply with battery Backup. All of this of course needs power, so needs to be catered for in the electrical fit out.

At this stage I’m thinking the NBN connection will live somewhere in the butlers pantry, accessible, but out of view. The other option would be to stash it in the walk-in linen cupboard and connecting to the router on the bench in the butler’s.

Of course if we have fibre coming into the place, there’s a question that gets created. In 2015, should we run fibre to network demanding locations like the Lounge, Office and Rumpus ? We’ll have to check current costs. While we know Cat 5E or Cat6 would do for now and the next few years, this is a house we’ll be in for decades, so it may be worth it.

It is interesting to see the promotional material for NBN still have the older NBN Co logos on, considering the company has been through a name change to NBN Australia.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most about the NBN is removing the barrier of a technology restriction. Where I am right now and probably where you are too, there is no amount of money you can pay to get a better connection, you’re restricted by copper.

Moving to the FTTP version of the NBN means that we’ll be only limited by what we want to pay. If we want to pay for a 100Mpbs connection, or even 1Gbps we could stream multiple 4K TV Shows or Movies, uninterrupted. If I’m downloading a game on the Xbox or uploading a movie at the same time, there would be no interruption, no buffering, things just work.

What a great place to be. This time next year, we’ll let you know how life in the future is.