Right now our block isn’t subdivided, so it’s just a block of dirt. After recent rain, it actually resembles a small lake, but I had an idea.. wouldn’t it be great if I could walk around the block and looking at my phone, get a real understanding of where the rooms of the house would be.

This would also provide a great insight into the views from key areas, like the front windows, the alfresco etc. Of course these views will eventually be obscured by other houses and fences, but it’s a good starting point.

Google allows you to create layers on top of Google Maps, so you can achieve exactly this, however it’s not as easy as you think. First I jumped into Photoshop to overlay the house plan onto the estate plan from their website.

As our builder had provided an accurate graphic of the house position this matched the block dimensions perfectly and with a little scaling and rotation, was able to get everything to match.

Then I jumped into Google maps and things got a little more difficult. Knowing I wanted to draw each room of the floorplan, overlayed onto the block, I first needed to work out where our block was, given the satellite imagery was old enough the last 2-3 stages of the estate aren’t even captured.

After finding key references, I was able to build an outline of the block on the map, but unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow you to zoom in far enough to draw each room. My hopes of pulling out my phone on site and walking around our future home have been dashed for now.