Today we signed and paid our deposit to our builder, Metricon. After settling on the floorplan, finding a block, talking through options it was time to nail things down and lock it in.

The large decisions are established (still could change, but we’re pretty settled). Something we’re learning about the build is that while all items appear as a line item, some have a 5 digital number attached to them, others are a couple of hundred. With the big items locked in, we now have to refine the smaller, cheaper things, most of which will happen during our Studio M visit to Shepparton, somewhere in the next few months.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say today felt good, like we just took a very big step into the future, our futures together. The house we’ll end up with, will be amazing, containing a number of options that’ll make it uniquely ours.

We’ll also pay our deposit on the land and then, we wait. Because land is in such high demand, people are buying off the plan. This means we have a wait ahead of us, the block has to be subdivided and titled, this is likely to be the end of the year at best. On the up side, that does provide a great opportunity to save a larger deposit.

Update: We also paid the $1,000 to secure the land on Friday. We now have 2 weeks to get thing signed to ensure we receive the 5% discount on the block. We went with a conveyancer rather than a solicitor, as they perform the same task, while being far cheaper.

There should be no reason we can’t get this done and given that it makes a $7,000 difference, it’ll be something I’ll be watching very closely.