Selecting the face of your home is an amazingly difficult thing to do. It’s something you’ll see, every single day you come home so you’ll want to make sure you choose right. There’s a number of things in the home that basically don’t matter, they’re easily replicable later, but the structure and presentation of your house, absolutely matters.

In some ways the façade of your home is a reflection of you and who you are, it’s you’re presentation to the outside world. Obviously those in your inner circle will be invited inside to enjoy the rest of your house, but the arriving home to the right house, will leave a smile on your face.

Metricon has a number of choices available for the Fortitude 32, but by far the best is the Vogue. Thankfully we both felt the same and agreed quickly this is the one for us.

Here’s the kicker.. this façade is a $10,000 option. Given the 2 base options are pretty vanilla, they were never really an option for our home, so now, we have another $10K to accommodate in the growing budget.