After looking at the available land in Wodonga, our spec of flat block, located in Wodonga between 7-800m2 isn’t as easy to obtain as first thought. We’d asked Metricon to put together some options given we’d chosen the floorplan and today we received that detail.

What I received back was far more than I was expecting, especially given we’d thrown 2 new block possibilities at our guy this morning. We got an email with the Fortitude 32 house plan not just overlayed on the blocks, but in detail with all the distances from the fence, answering the exact questions we had like sunlight orientation (important for normal vs goofy plan), as well as solar and general aesthetics.
Included in the email was also a link to the house in 3D, obviously we haven’t gotten down to the façade choices yet, so it’s just a generic front, and bricks that we’d never choose, but it is a very welcome result, especially as we are yet to even pay the initial $1,000 to get things started. It’s clear this work was somewhat prepapared, but still would have taken some time, so it’s much appreciated.
At lunch I called the real estate to check if the vacant space adjacent to one of the blocks was not detailed because it was commercial. She explained that it absolutely will be residential which is good and without looking it appears as a corner block, but in reality is just the end of Stage 10 of the development.
I enquired what would be involved in putting a hold on the block (just in case), she said just verbal confirmation, so I gave that to her and she’s reserving it for us. The 2nd place we’re keen on already has a hold placed on it, but given a hold only takes a non-binding verbal contract, it’s possible we could move first and get it.
Now for the bad news. A number of the blocks are developed, but not due for titles (can’t build until then) for a least a few months. Some are September, but some are February 2016. That’s an awfully long time considering we want to get this train started. We could buy the land now (5% off if we settle within 60 days), but would have to wait for titles before the build could start. Will need to do some more investigation before understanding where that hold up is. The council, the title’s office, the subdivider?
Anyway, we’ve now got our first formal meeting on Wednesday this week. Tonight we’ll take a drive out to Riverside to check out the blocks, although we hope there’s street lighting given it’s already dark.
We have now confirmed the price will be 5% off despite the subdivision delaying titles until early 2016. This means the price for the 802m block will be A$147,000 instead of A$155,000.