After much discussion and reviewing floorplans from multiple builders, we’ve finally settled on our dream home. The Fortitude 32 from Metricon suits our needs well and has 4 bedrooms, an office, Lounge and Rumpus seperated by the dining area.  It comes with an Alfresco, but we’ll consider options of extending it, possibly just the cement, not the roof to keep costs down.

After considering how we would raise a family in this home, we made a number of considered adjustments to was a great starting point. The floorplan now has sliding doors to seperate noise from the primary living and sleeping areas.
These and other changes are indicated in the red markup.
After getting down to either the Hamilton 31, or the Fortitude 32, we needed confirmation of our decision. Having walked through the Hamilton a couple of times (located in Wodonga), we needed to see the Fortitude in person. We spent the day driving to Shepparton, about a 4hr + round trip to visit the Fortitude 37 display home, which is only slightly larger in room size than the 32 we were looking at, with most of the extra 5sq in the larger alfresco.
It turned out to be a great decision as it told us what we needed to know. The floorplan works, the place looked amazing and upon reflecting in the car and stopping in to discuss with my parents on the way home, we made the decision, the Metricon Fortitude 32 was our floorplan.
Late that night, I fired off an email to Dylan, the Metricon guy we’d spoken to a few times, who had also provided price ranges for what people were actually finishing the place for. Somewhere between $300K and $318K and sure we’ll have different options, but that number should work fine. It’s more than rent obviously, but will get us our dream home to raise a family in.