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June 2015

Building in a greenfield means FTTP NBN

One of the biggest benefits of building in a new estate is that you get FTTP NBN. While the project has been through a few iterations, what has remained is the requirement for developers to roll out fibre to the home in new (greenfield) estates.

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Overlay your house on Google Maps

Right now our block isn’t subdivided, so it’s just a block of dirt. After recent rain, it actually resembles a small lake, but I had an idea.. wouldn’t it be great if I could walk around the block and looking at my phone, get a real understanding of where the rooms of the house would be.

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Signing on the dotted line and paying deposits

Today we signed and paid our deposit to our builder, Metricon. After settling on the floorplan, finding a block, talking through options it was time to nail things down and lock it in.

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Affordability: where want vs need collide

The question of how much you can afford is actually a really difficult one. The most obvious, most vanilla approach is to check that your expenses are less than your income, once you are at full mortgage repayments.

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Selecting the right roof

When it comes to the roof, there’s plenty of options. The default inclusion on Metricon homes is tiles, to opt up to a colorbond roof, it’s a $3,700 option. To add further to the mix of roofing decisions, the Luxury pack of options includes Flat profile concrete roof tiles (Boral Striata) which have a completely different look again.

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Selecting the Facade

Selecting the face of your home is an amazingly difficult thing to do. It’s something you’ll see, every single day you come home so you’ll want to make sure you choose right. There’s a number of things in the home that basically don’t matter, they’re easily replicable later, but the structure and presentation of your house, absolutely matters.

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The Block

After looking at the available land in Wodonga, our spec of flat block, located in Wodonga between 7-800m2 isn’t as easy to obtain as first thought. We’d asked Metricon to put together some options given we’d chosen the floorplan and today we received that detail.

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Meeting with the Banks

Today we met with NAB after meeting with Hume last week. The initial impression is that the two are incredibly different. With Hume not being focused on profits, the conditions of the loan (as in locked for first 2 years and interest only for the build) gives us the security we need.

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Floor plan chosen

After much discussion and reviewing floorplans from multiple builders, we’ve finally settled on our dream home. The Fortitude 32 from Metricon suits our needs well and has 4 bedrooms, an office, Lounge and Rumpus seperated by the dining area.  It comes with an Alfresco, but we’ll consider options of extending it, possibly just the cement, not the roof to keep costs down.

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Modelling ideas in 3D

With a background of multimedia, I found it difficult not to use my skills to flush out some ideas for the house. Given I spend countless late nights in the office that is currently playing dual role as a gym, I considered expanding the office to give more room for the kids to study in when they get older, or perhaps client meetings with the business.

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