After getting married last October, it’s time for my wife and I to build a house. Not just any house, but the house. The house we want to raise our children in, the house we want to grow old in.

At 33 years old, it’s a little strange to consider a project that will take 30 years to pay off.

As the creator of Australian technology website,, blogging is something I’ve done for more than 10 years and naturally I wanted to document our thoughts and the hundreds of decisions we’ll make during this journey over the next 12 months.

Alfresco Lounge

We hope you find value in the conversation posted here and hope you’ll reply with constructive thoughts and feedback. We won’t promise we’ll take it, but crowdsourcing some decisions will help make the process easier. Also if you’ve been through this process, we’d love to hear what went into making the decisions you made and if you’re happy now you’re in the home.